Secret Sinus Infection Remedies At Home

Secret sinus infection remedies at home are some of the simple ways of managing sinus infection. Sinus infection is a painful and uncomfortable condition resulting from inflamed sinus as a result of pollution, allergy, fungus, bacteria etc.

Secret sinus infection remedies at home

The following are some of the simple ways one can manage sinus infections at home; without necessarily spending so much money on drugs:

  • Inhaling the fumes of a boiling solution; made from water and apple cider vinegar. For better inhalation, one can cover their face, and the steaming solution, with a towel to reduce the escape of the fumes into the air. A 2-3days of- twice a day- inhalation of the fumes brings the desired opening of the nasal cavities
  • Avoiding dairy products and cleansing one’s bowels as an acidic system irritates sinus in some people
  • Drinking hot tomato tea is also a great remedy for a sinus infection. The tomato tea should be made from a tsp of cayenne pepper, 4tsp of lemon juice, 4 crashed cloves of garlic and a little salt (all boiled in water)
  • Holding some amount of grated horseradish root in your mouth also loosens mucus and unblocks the nose and throat
  • Taking 500 mg of vitamin C is also important, especially when taken in combination with any of the above remedies

Closely related conditions that can be caused or be mistake for sinus infection, and which can be managed through secret sinus infection remedies at home, include:

  • Common cold or flu
  • Allergies and or hay fever
  • Misuse or overuse of nasal drips/ saline solutions that are apparently used to manage this condition
  • Non allergic infections
  • Infections caused by fungi, bacteria, molds, etc

Secret sinus infection remedies at home: Understanding the causes

Sometimes, home remedies for a sinus infection are best administered if the causes of the infection are understood so that they can be avoided. Here are a few causes of sinus infection and how they can be rectified or avoided- to minimize or prevent sinus infection:

Temperature- high cold or hot weather makes breathing difficult as the movement of the nasal hair/ cilia is highly sensitized. Hot air irritates the nasal cavity, while cold weather may cause the nasal cavities to swell. To remedy this, one should ensure they are in a relatively optimum temperature environment; a fan or heater will adjust the temperature accordingly
Overuse or misuse of nasal drips used for treating this infections should be regulated. This is because some make the condition worse by irritating the sinus or drying the cavities; hence worsening the infection
Smoke, strong perfumes and other forms of pollution should be avoided as they irritate the sinus in addition to polluting the air
Humidity and dry air. Humid air cause mold and fungus to grow; which, in turn, compromises one’s health and may cause sinus infection, while dry air irritates the nasal cavities- causing overproduction of nasal secretions to enable easy breathing-

Breathing the steam of hot liquids, drinking hot beverages or water, having hot towels on one’s face, dusting rooms, airing all rooms, propping up one’s head while sleeping, irrigating one’s sinuses by use of saline solutions- rather than saline sprays-, using aromatherapy (breathing vapours of aromatherapy oils or rubbing some menthol Vaporub under the chin, forehead, etc) to open up one’s system, etc are additional and natural secret sinus infection remedies at home.