Secret Sinus Infection Remedies For Pregnant Women

Secret Sinus infection remedies for pregnant women help them overcome sinusitis during this period which is always characterized by blockage of nostrils, headaches, running nose, constant sneezing and pressure felt around the head, face and eyes that may have negative impacts to the baby. Sinuses are air pockets that are lined with mucus membrane surrounding your forehead, eyes and cheeks which allow your mucus to drain. An inflammation to them results to blockage preventing mucus from draining properly. This could result to an infection. During pregnancy, sinusitis is believed to be caused by hormone progesterone, responsible for the swelling of mucus membrane.

Here are some of the remedies for the condition: Secret sinus infection remedies for pregnant women steaming

This is a very effective remedy and involves nasal steam. It is a very safe approach and involves breathing through steam. It is very easy to perform. You simply heat water then add essential oils such as lavender and oregano. It takes few minutes before you realize results.

Secret sinus infection remedies for pregnant women nutrition

Persistent type of sinus infection is thought to be caused by unhealthy diet. The remedy to this type would be tweaking your diet. This entails you adding and removing some food items. It may need you to stop taking dairy products as it results to thickening of mucus. This may prove dangerous because, they are valuable sources of calcium. It is therefore important that you consult your doctor before taking this step.
The next step when using this form of remedy is eating alkaline foods. These foods help you regulate your body’s recovery ability by boosting your body immune system therefore preventing sinusitis from happening. They include foods such as vegetables and fruits or vitamin C supplements. Other nutrients with similar effects are Probiotic lactobacillus, found in yoghurt and zinc, found in foods like cashew nuts, meat, eggs and fish among others. Acidic fruits like citrus can also be taken, but in moderation, because of their ascorbic acid component.
Complementary therapies
Herbal remedies like Echinacea can be used but under a doctor’s supervision. Though it is considered safe among all the herb remedies with pregnancy, should be taken as short-term measure and for days not exceeding seven days. Other remedies under these include homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology and shiatsu. Shiatsu or acupuncture helps stimulate your internal energies. The result of this is improved kidney meridian deficiency. Chiropractic, craniosacral or osteopathy therapy may also be of help as they ease muscular and spinal problems, also believed to contribute to mucus not being able to drain properly.
Secret Sinus Infection Remedies For Pregnant Women

  • Mango- is high in vitamin A and therefore a good remedy in fighting sinusitis.
  • Water- it is a powerful home remedy to this infection as it keeps your body hydrated. Take 8 glasses of water within 12 hour.
  • Garlic- 2 raw onion cloves
  • Onions in raw form
  • Fenugreek- a teaspoon boiled with water and taken while luke warm four times a day will help you to even cure more serious chronic infection.
  • Carrot juice- one glass during breakfast as only food intake
  • Vegetable juices especially beet, spinach and cucumber offer good home remedy for sinus infection. 250 ml a day will provide you with the much needed relief.

All these sinus infection remedies work in a way that they allow you to maintain yourself in a good and healthy condition. These things can be done from comfort of your home and therefore saving you time and money you would spend consulting a doctor. You no longer need to worry about sinusitis infection when you’ve got best secret sinus infection remedies for pregnant women at your disposal.